Rule #1 in Zombieland – Cardio

It seems that if you want to lose weight you must spend hours doing cardio workouts, or so were told.  Go into any gym and you will most likely see people slaving away on cardio machines in the pursuit of physical fitness.  Before we continue let’s define physical fitness.  The best definition I could find came from (go figure).  It defines physical fitness as “the ability to function efficiently and effectively without injury, to enjoy leisure, to be healthy, to resist disease, and to cope with emergency situations. Health-related components of physical fitness include body-composition, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular endurance, neuromuscular learning and strength.”  Sounds kind of Paleo doesn’t it? Most people at the gym these days are more interested in body composition and to some extent to be “healthy”.  These people never seem to change even though they spend countless hours doing cardio.  Why?  Is it the amount of cardio, their diet, lack of weight training, and cross training? I think it is all the above. 

Since we have the diet taken care of let’s move on to the fitness part.  There are many in the Paleo community who swear by CrossFit, others who follow the Primal Blueprint Fitness, and there are even a few P90X’ers out there.  Some do their own thing which includes a variety of different workouts.  I have tried P90X, at home CrossFit, a little Primal Blueprint Fitness, and conventional weight training with cardio.  Which one is right?  I think that really depends on the person and their goals.  Some people might really enjoy the intensity of CrossFit and P90X, some might like a little less intensity like Primal Blueprint Fitness.  Either way, I don’t agree with running or cycling massive amount of miles each week or spending countless hours on cardio machines.  I feel it adds too much stress to the body, decreases immune function, increases cortisol levels, etc.  For me it boils down to what I like to do.  I like CrossFit, P90X, Primal Blueprint Fitness and good old fashioned weight lifting.  It is your body and your life, so find something you like and do it.  One of my favorite quotes is by “You cannot outwork a shitty diet” – Gym Jones.  Start living the Paleo lifestyle and you will see the results your desire. 

Next time we will discuss other aspects of the Paleo Lifestyle.

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One Response to Rule #1 in Zombieland – Cardio

  1. joede says:

    I enjoy running and swimming…not a fan of any other organized fitness routines, at least not one anyone else organizes, bit of a control freak…maybe lol. Its what works for me, so I will stick with that for now.
    Also wanted to make comment that Zombieland is my 3yo daughters favorite movie. I fully believe she will survive a Zombie apocolypse lol!

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