My PaleoFX Memorable Moments

If you attended PaleoFX, then you have some memorable moments, here are some mine, in  no particular order:

  • Driving Paul Jaminet from his hotel to the Opening Ceremonies.  We discussed safe starches, hold on let me wipe the french fry fat off my fingers.  Very informative conversation and a very nice guy.
  • Meeting Jimmy Moore.  Every time I walked past him he was on his laptop or phone tweeting the event highlights.  I also watched him get a quick workout on the ARX FIT. A few reps later he was sweating bullets.  I even got a chance to say hi to his wife via Facetime.  How cool is that!
  • Chatting with Robb Wolf during the VIP BBQ on Wednesday night.  What a class act.  That’s why I am his 7th listener!
  • Getting squatting tips from Eva Twardokens.  She helped tweak my form to help alleviate some knee pain.
  • Discussing our vegetarian past with CJ Hunt.
  • Chatting with Liz Wolfe and her husband Spence.  She is one of the nicest Paleo people you will ever meet.  Check out her blog, very informative and fun.  She was there with Steve’s Original, damn good jerky, actually the best.
  • Chatting with Neely Quinn of Paleo Plan fame.  We discussed how awesome Austin is and rock climbing.  An absolute delightful person.  Check out Paleo Plans for some really great info.  Don’t forget the quick start guide.
  • Getting to hang out with some friends; Dr. Dave Cohodes of Redline Sports Therapy, Peter Villa from Progenex, Peter’s wife Kristina from ReDefine Fit (great shirts, buy a few), Peter from Fringe Sport (buy your gym equipment from him), and Troy Anderson from Ultimate Sandbag.
  • Meeting Orleatha Smith from Mrs. Paleo.  She has a very inspirational story.  Visit her blog for some great food porn.  Hi Chris, I did not forget about you.  I have a feeling you will see some guest blogs from her on Paleolife365 😉
  • Tara Grant from Primal Girl.  She has a great story too.  I call Tara, Orleatha, and Chris, the 3 Paleoteers.  They were always together.  Go check out her blog.
  • Thanks to Jenice Johnson from giving me some Tanka Bars.  Without those delicious bars, I might have not made it though setup on Wednesday.
  • Darryl Edwards from the Fitness Explorer.  He has great energy, and is fun to be around.  I know you still owe me a workout.  Maybe I will come to London to redeem.
  • Finally got to meet Angelo Coppola.  Check out his podcast Latest in Paleo.
  • I am buying some V necks shirts, thanks to Clifton Harski of MovNat.
  • Chatting with Skyler Tanner.  Funny story, returning to PaleoFX after dropping off a piece of equipment, we almost ran into a man lift that was hanging over the street with a guy furiously waving at us like we were in the wrong.  Skyler is full of great knowledge, although I don’t always understand what he is talking about.  He is pretty smart.
  • A very big THANK YOU to Matt Woodward, Emily Talley, James Talley, Justin Adams, Pam Gagot, Bryan Gordon, and Jasmine Parr.  These great coaches from Woodward Crossfit help make the Strength and Conditioning Sessions a success.  If your in Austin, drop in for a workout.

These were some of the many memories I will take away from PaleoFX.  I met some great people who are now friends.  Up next on the blog… “PaleoFX – A Volunteer’s Perspective from the Pit”  All the juicy details will be revealed, maybe!


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One Response to My PaleoFX Memorable Moments

  1. taraleegrant says:

    Well whaddya know, meeting you made my list too! 🙂 You have a wonderful energy about you and I wish we could have spent more time talking together. Anytime you’re in Northern California, let me know. We’ll throw some organ meat on the BBQ and have some tequila. 🙂

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