AMRAP Nutrition Refuel Bar – Review

Several months ago I received an email asking if I would try a new “Paleo” nutrition bar. I am skeptical of any manufactured food item being called “Paleo”. Curious I agreed and asked for 2 sample bars (typically I will like a food the first time I try it, then find out I really did not like it at all the next go round). I received the sample bars with a letter stating it was “100% Paleo”. Although I don’t agree with the “100% Paleo” slogan because of the Egg White Protein Powder (derived from chickens not treated with growth hormones), the rest of the ingredients you would find in nature and could eat raw (my definition of Paleo). Ok, now onto the review. I like this bar, I like it a lot and my kids like it too. Almond butter, coconut, and cinnamon work well together. The bar is very rustic, think Lara Bar. Chunks of raw almonds, sesame seeds, and coconut with a hint of cinnamon. I like the protein to carbohydrate ratio and the amount of fat in the bar. The low carb Paleo followers will find the addition of honey and the 17 g of sugar too much. Personally I like the sweetness of the bar, which was not overpowering. This bar is a great alternative to other bars post workout or as an on the go snack. So if you are looking for a great tasting bar, the AMRAP Nutrition Refuel Bar might be for you. Check out their Facebook page for some fantastic giveaways!



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