PaleoLife365 is a an adventure Blog.  It is my adventure into the world of Paleo/Primal living. 

For several years I have researched and tried many different “diets” from vegetarian/vegan, Pritikin, 811RV (I call this the monkey diet), Fuhrman, Ornish, and so on.  I found I could not stick to these diets.  I was always hungry, tired, bloated, and had… let’s just say stomach issues.  I first heard about the Paleo diet while researching CrossFit.  Eat only meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and a little fruit.  Sounded good until I got hungry and found only chips to munch on.  Needless to say, I lasted about a day on this diet.  I went back to trying to eat “low-fat” and “healthy” foods like rice, beans, and wheat bread, limiting meat (cholesterol) because I did not want heart disease.  I was fully engulfed into the Lipid Hypothesis.  Meat equalled heart disease, case closed.  While I tried to eat “healthy”, I noticed the stomach issues persisted, acid reflux was horrible (I would wake up at night choking), had more anxiety and stress, and over all felt bad.  I was doing P90X and not seeing the results I wanted, and I know it was the diet.  To make a long story short, I ended up on Mark’s Daily Apple.  I remember thinking this is just like Paleo, only Mark Sisson called it Primal.  I spent two days reading the website and started eating Primal.  It lasted again for about a week and I needed some chips and queso.  That night I had the worst Acid Reflux I have had in a year.  Over the next several months I played with the Paleo diet and on January 1, 2011 I decided to go full Paleo.  I have cheated a few times and my body lets me know.  No more Acid Reflux, bloating, stomach issues, or tiredness, and the anxiety and stress is more manageable.

I started this blog to document my progress and hopefully be an inspiration to others.  There are several people who inspired me; Mark Sisson at Mark’s Daily Apple, Angelo Coppola at Latest in Paleo and Todd at Primal Toad.  These are some great resources. 

 Thanks for stopping by


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